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Learn to Paint with Wayne Clements

Wayne has been a top selling Australian artist for over 40 years, having painted and sold over 50,000 paintings during his career as a professional artist.

Thousands of people throughout Australia and internationally have learned to paint via Wayne's Ten Season television series "Art Studio" and internationally broadcast series "Class Art".

In our new "Luv 2 Paint" series of teaching videos Wayne demonstrates each painting from start to finish, showing the techniques that he has learned and developed through years of experience.

Wayne says "Anyone can learn to paint. They just need to be shown how and then practice the techniques". Whether you are already painting or are wanting to Learn  to paint, the techniques that Wayne demonstrates in these videos are an invaluable tool.

Lessons are available individually or in a "Learn to Paint" Bundle of 10 lessons on USB and an "Introduction to painting in Oils" DVD. We also have four sets of 5 Lessons bundles. 

Lesson Bundles

Lesson Bundles

Luv 2 Paint Videos

Individual Lessons Supplied on USB Stick

Individual Lessons